Public Engagement

I always had a keen interest in communicating science, volunteered as a tour guide at Heidelberg Zoo during my studies and worked in the Education and PR department of the major research museums (State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe in Germany after my MSc degree. Since returning to academia, it is very important to me to integrate public engagement into my scientific career. Check out a few of my recent activities:

Earth Day Activites organized by National Geographic

Bin-Opening Behaviour

My project on ‘bin-opening behaviour’ in Sulphur-crested cockatoos is supported by National Geographic through an Early Career Grant. Find out more about my work here:

(in German: Link, Link 2)

Primate Conversations Series

In 2020, I was invited to give a talk about my work on New Caledonian crows in the ‘Primate Conversations’ Series. Have a look here: (Link)

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

In 2017, we showcased our research on tool-using crows at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, which attracts ~14,000 visitors each year and is the UK’s premier public science festival. I was part of the organizing team and involved in all aspects of this exhibition from developing the displays and hands-on activities, to the organizing of the helper team and the delivery in London. Have a look at the video about our work here: