Photo Credit: Gustavo Alacon-Nieto

I am a behavioural ecologist…

… with a broad interest in animal cognition, social behaviour, acoustic communication and how they interact with each other. I am interested in how a species’ ecology and social structure shape its natural behavioural repertoire, particularly its foraging ecology. My work focuses on large-brained, long-lived bird species – corvids and parrots – and I investigate tool use behaviour, foraging traditions and vocal convergence. I work in a variety of habitats, from remote rainforests to major cities, and my work ranges from classic observations of wild animals to cleverly designed experiments with captive subjects and the use of cutting-edge data collection and analysis techniques.

I lead a WWTF Vienna Research Group for Young Investigators at the University of Vienna, Austria, where we investigate the cognition and ecology of extractive foraging without tools in carrion and hooded crows as well as sulphur-crested cockatoos.